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Paranormal Counseling Service


Do you have questions about Paranormal topics, hauntings, spirits, reconnecting with your loved ones?


Want to keep it descrete and personal? Not looking for a big para-team! Just send us a message and we can review your case.


From answering your questions to home cleansing ,blessings ,collecting evidence and reporting findings, we are here to help! Psychic to Tech we have what you need! Keeping it small, private and personal.


Located in North East Pa and NJ and beyond'


No question to large or small.


Professional service with over 35 years of experience.


Your privacy is safe with us! You will NOT find your information on our web site or any other site with out your approval!


We also work with other paranormal groups, psychics and mediums.


If you are out of our area or have an issue we can't help with, we will help you find a local group near you. 


No large group running around your propertry. We are a team of two to three people. With the ablity call on more members if we should need them. 


We cover everything from private homes to large properties​,personal reading and more.


We also offer Psychic Readings,Tarot,Meduimship,Numerology,Reiki and Healing Services                     to contact us for more info....                                                                                          










                               A Visions into the Past Paranormal Service












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